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Schloss Bruchsal - Von Außen - Hauptbau - Von Osten / Hofseite - Blick vom Ehrenhof auf die Ostfassade (aufgenommen im April 2018, am frühen Nachmittag)

“Monumente im Bild” is a website with pictures of palaces, gardens and churches, photographed by Manfred Schneider.

This website currently shows mainly pictures of Bruchsal Palace, a baroque palace complex, located in the north of the city of Bruchsal, formerly consisting of more than 50 individual buildings, distributed over a length of about 1 km and a width of about 350 metres. From 1722 it served as the residence of the Prince-Bishops of Speyer for about 90 years.

In addition to the Bruchsal Palace, this website also shows images of other buildings and museums associated with the palace: the Municipal Museum Bruchsal (located in the main building of Bruchsal Palace), the Belvedere in Bruchsal (a former shooting house), the baroque parish church St. Peter in Bruchsal (the burial site of the last Speyer prince-bishops), the Hermitage in Waghäusel (a former baroque hunting lodge and pleasure palace of the prince-bishops), the Church of pilgrimage and the Monastery in Waghäusel (formerly supported by the prince-bishops) as well as the Kislau Palace in Bad Mingolsheim (a former baroque pleasure and country palace of the prince bishops).

In addition to Bruchsal Palace, this website gradually shows more pictures of Schwetzingen Palace, a smaller baroque palace complex with a garden of about 72 hectares, located in the middle of the city of Schwetzingen. The complex served as a summer residence for the Electors of the Palatinate in the 18th century, and as a country palace for the Grand Dukes of Baden in the 19th century.

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